Piggy Bank Farm Slot Review

Piggy Bank Farm Slot Review

Piggy Bank Farm slots are cheerful and bright. They have their unique style without an aggressive strategy like “rob the bank” or “steal the treasure”. Yes, the word “farm” was not a coincidence. We have our favorite piggy with a rural background, enjoying life without any thoughts about bacon.

We have a lot of one-handed bandits. Some of them have a hunting treasure theme while others give you a criminal style. However, the most innocent and childish design, of course, is about the main saving item – a pig-shaped pot with a coin.

Slot Machine Piggy Bank Farm for Free

Yes, you also can try it for free. Piggy Bank Farm slot demo is a full-functioning version – without money but you definitely can make your own strategy without effort.

How Does a Slot Machine Piggy Bank Work

All the rules and gamblingHow Does a Slot Machine Piggy Bank Work base are simple here:

  • the main gambling field consists of 5 reels combined in 4 rows;
  • fifty pay lines in general;
  • the starter pack has only 3 lives, but it is enough;
  • the point of the game is to stack the symbol of thrift-boxes into a whole space – this is a classical slot, you can play Piggy Bank Farm for free and combine clusters of the gambling fields. Life is wasted when there is no Piggy Bank at the combination;
  • all the Piggy Bank symbols are fixed at one place since they are reeled;
  • the games over when you used all of the lives;
  • scatters mean free spins.

Piggy Bank Slot Machine Symbols

The symbols here at Piggy Bank Farm free slot are really simple and meaningful. The latest version of the slots has 13 signs. Among them there are:

  • 5 inferior signs. Ten, jack, queen, king, ace – just like the regular card deck;
  • 4 premium pictures. Those are farm animals: shepherd dogs, chickens, cows, sheep. Of course, the gambling weight of these animals are different;
  • the wild card here is the Farmer. He rules the homestead and gives you a huge benefit;
  •  a scatter mean golden spins (just for odd rows);
  • the piggy bank itself. The slot can’t be functioning without its eponym;
  • the hammer can crack the safe. For the last line only. Multiply Hammers give you a ten-time bigger jackpot. This is the easiest way to have a worthy prize without spending a lot of money.
  • the top symbol of all the slots is the local prize cow. It gives you a 24x rate – the highest of the possible ones.

 Slot’s Maximum Jackpot

The biggest prize that you can obtain is a fantastic 5000x rate. The slot also has the Mega Piggy Bank symbolMega Piggy Bank symbol that pays up to 500х. It has. The slot itself seems too profitable. That’s why we are recommended you start a journey. Find out max jackpot of the Punk Rocker online slot in our article.

Mobile Slot Machine Piggy Bank Farm

You can play Piggy Bank Farm mobile slot in many gambling houses. They also have a mobile version with an easy design. The player can be involved even without a broadband Internet connection. For a busy person, the mobile slot game is even better – it has notifications about news prizes, discounts, and gifts from your favorite casino. Read our mFortune Casino review to choose one for yourself.

As for the gambling aspect, Piggy Bank Farm holds the line firmly. This is the same franchise that pursues you with a need for gold. The gameplay here is classic , so your adaptation will be short here. An easy and quick free Piggy Bank Farm demo helps you to have the first experience without losses. The slot itself isn’t the biggest discovery in the industry but it is fun and can give you solid prizes as well.

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