Fruit Warp Slot

Fruit Warp Slot Review

Fruit Warp slot is a fun and entertaining online slot game by Thunderkick that’s a favorite with many players. However, what really makes it unique is the ability to play this game from the comfort of your home computer without any form of internet connection required. Read on to learn more about this unique slot game and why players can’t get enough of it.

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Fruit Warp Online Slot Gameplay

As mentioned in the above paragraph, this slot machine game is more than just a burst of colorful visuals on the monitor, and this Fruit Warp slot review outlines it all for your reading pleasure. If you’re planning to play it at your favorite online casino, do remember to read this slot machine review for gathering a detailed insight into this exciting game.

Fruit Warp Slot Machine

The fruit machine game has various images, sounds, and even animations that will entice you to try it out. For those who are unaware of how this particular slot machine operates, the author provides the following pointers.

Fruit Warp Slot Icons

This Fruit Warp slot review reveals that there are nine reels arranged in four distinct categories. When you push the green arrow key when playing, you will be taken to a reel that is currently loaded with icons. Select any icon and that icon will change to the corresponding number in the right side panel of the reel. This is how you’ll know which icon corresponds to which number in the reels.

How To Win Fruit Warp Online Slot

The second thing you should know in the Fruit Warp online slot machine is that the icons refer to actual prizes that you can win. Some icons, on the other hand, only symbolize bonuses which you can use to upgrade your chances of winning more cash. There are icons like the jackpot, which increases everyday, the daily double, which doubles your winnings every day, the ten-reel, which gives you double the usual amount, and the daily all-star, which provides a star bonus every day. You can use these icons in combinations to increase your odds of winning real money.

Tips To Play Fruit Warp Video Slot

Another important tip in this slot machine fruit mode is that you have to know the fruit icons by their colors. Green indicates a win while red indicates a loss. It also tells you what kind of icons you will get if you win. These include the usual coins, hearts, spinner, royal flush, and the jackpot. The fruit mode provides the player with a chance to earn extra credits as you bet through it. This is the only mode where you have to put a max bet so that you can gain credits.


In case you don’t want to read a lot about it, just keep reading the reviews of the slot machines provided on this slot review website so you would know what you’re getting into. Fruit Warp is a slot machine that’s full of fun especially with the symbols the different icons bring plus the sound effects. It also features a powerful and realistic sound that you’ll definitely enjoy.

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