How to Play Slot Machines

How to Play Slot Machines

As popular as online slot machines are, not everyone understands how to play the games. Sure enough, playing the game is usually all about clicking the spin button and watching the reels spin as you wait for winning combinations to form. However, that’s just a scratch on the surface of what you should learn about slot machines. Read on to discover tried and tested tips on how to play slot machines like a pro.

How to Play Slots

Generally speaking, nearly all slot games function the same way, with different symbols set on vertical spinners known as reels. The reels spring into action on the click of a button and will then stop to display a random sequence of symbols that are dependent on a payline. You get a big win in online slots by landing matching symbol combinations according to the game’s specific payline.

Besides the reels and paylines, you are also supposed to understand the slot’s special symbols, special bonus features, Return to Player (RTP) rate, and jackpots, among other aspects of the game. For a closer look at the gameplay, below is a quick step-by-step guide of how to play slot games:

1Pick your favourite online slot machine and launch it on your preferred device. The screen will display the slot reels and operational buttons like ‘spin’, ‘autoplay’, and ‘max bet’. Also, you’ll be able to view your bankroll balance and that amount should guide you on how much you should spend per spin.
2Take your time and study the online slots game’s paytable. From the paytable, you’ll get to know the worth of every symbol and the ones you should keep tabs on.
3Choose your preferred bet level and the number of paylines you’d like to play if the game allows it. If you like, you can hit the ’max bet’ button to place the maximum wagers per round of play.
4Tap the ‘spin’ button to set the reels in motion. If you win, your earnings will be displayed on the game screen. Then there are specific slot machines that will offer you the chance to gamble once you win. The gamble feature in online slots for real money allows you to risk your earnings for bigger and better prizes, and if you’re not lucky, you walk away with nothing. Most modern slot machine online games also feature an Autoplay button for players who want to pick up the pace of the game.

Understanding Slot Machines

Slots machinesLearn About Slot Macines Wild, Free Spins and Paylines are becoming more and more complex as designers strive to make them more exciting and engaging. Some of the most popular modifications that software developers introduce in online slot machines include features like scatter symbols, wild symbols, multipliers, and bonus slots symbols. These features are usually power-ups that not only make the game more enjoyable, but they also boost your potential earnings. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular features you’ll encounter when you play online slot machines.

  • Wild Symbols – Wild symbols in slot machines games are meant to offer you the chance to form a winning line, by substituting your wild for any other symbol that might be missing. Moreover, in more complex video slot machines, you could find that a wild activates other features like bonus games or expanding symbols, all of which might land you more wins.
  • Scatter Symbols – Scatters are special symbols where the position that the symbol emerges on the screen doesn’t usually matter, unlike all other in-game icons. Anytime time you see a scatter symbol there’s a good chance that you’ll earn an attractive payout because scatter symbols often signify the start of a bonus round, where you could trigger lots of free spins, cash rewards, and even a progressive jackpot.
  • Multipliers – In slot machines, multipliers allow you to swiftly boost your wins by 2x, 3x, or even more than 10x the actual win value. Like scatters and wilds, multipliers can emerge randomly on the reels, and will certainly deepen the thrill of the game on top of lining your pockets with juicy rewards.
  • Bonus Rounds – Currently, nearly all every pokie slot machine game comes with bonus rounds. These are the game’s extra rounds that you can trigger to offer you extra opportunities to boost your earnings as you have fun. Slot machine bonuses come in numerous forms, such as free spins, gamble/risk options, and min-games. Normally, bonus rounds are either triggered by the emergence of bonus symbols or they can pop up emerge randomly after you accomplish a game-specific objective. For the case of gamble features, these usually become active whenever you form a winning combination.

Online Slot Machines Games Tips & Strategies

As you may already know, slot machine games are games of luck, and as such, it is practically impossible to accurately predict the game’s outcome. However, with a bit of strategy, there are a couple of things you can do to boost your winning odds while playing slots machines. Among thousands of slot machine tips, some of the golden rules of winning in online slots include:

  • Wager on as many paylines as you can, and if you’re on a tight budget, lower your stake.
  • Ensure you’re well-acquainted with the game rules before you wager real money. The best way you can learn about slot machines without risking your cash is by playing the free demo mode versions first.
  • Take advantage of special features and bonus rounds so that you can improve your chances of winning a more substantial payout.


Some of the most popular questions asked about online slots games, and their answers include:

What are paylines?

To get a payout while playing slot machines online, you must line winning symbols on the payline. The number of paylines, also known as winning ways, will vary from one pokie slot machine game to another, and usually, they run from left to right across the game screen.

How do slot machines pay out?

Slots pay when you line up a winning combination of icons. Depending on the slot symbol combinations of at least two matching icons will trigger a payout.

Are slot machines fair?

Yes, as long as you play a game created by a reputable casino software provider, the game will be 100% fair. Licensed software developers use Random Number Generators to guarantee the randomness of the outcomes.

What is video slot machine RTP?

Video slot machines come with a theoretical RTP (Return to Player) figure that indicates how much money you are likely to get back for every dollar you spend. A game with 97% RTP means that you can potentially get back 97 cents on each dollar you stake.